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Best Flavours of E-liquid

7 Top E-Juice Flavor Available In 2020

There are several types of vape e-liquid flavors available in the industry with unlimited flavor combinations. Hence, it is difficult to pick the top e-liquid flavors. More than any other field, taste in e-liquid is personal. You might believe you can’t taste anything better, but somebody else will start at the slightest taste.

Things that are essential to look for when picking a new e-liquid, besides the price, are the quality of components, PG/VG ratio, the reliability of the vendor, with the main factor of savoring the taste and overall vape experience. Flavorah e-juice will be well blended, taste amazing and the flavor will stand out, giving a subtle aftertaste.  Check out 7 of the top e-liquid flavors below.

Coffee Flavor Aroma

FLV Coffee E-juice Flavor is crafted in small groups. Coffee flavoring concentrate is formed from the soil for e-liquid production and creating e-juice recipes. It carries naturally occurring diacetyl and comes with highly concentrated flavoring for processing at a 2-5% solution. Unlike other coffee flavors that are harsh, this coffee e-liquid is rich and smokey.

Red Apple E-juice Flavor

Reds Apple E-juice has turned up to be top e-liquid flavors in the vape juice market because of its actual apple flavor. Inhaling FLV Red Apple E-juice Flavor is like taking a sip of a fresh homemade apple juice.  Not only those Reds Apple Ejuice taste excellent but gives a smooth vaping experience.

Lemonade E-juice Flavor

The lemonade taste is necessary for your citrus arsenal. Some citrus E-Liquid has yellow starburst notes like the country-time powder. It goes well with Flavorah crunch cereal, or as a headnote in your fruit mixtures.  It has highly concentrated flavoring for brewing at a 3-7% solution and contains zero nicotine.

Strawberry Cream E-juice Flavor

The best dessert e-liquid flavors form a similar spirit of flavor that you get while eating the real thing. Some of the most common dessert e-liquid flavors are donuts, custards, cheesecakes, and ice cream. FLV Strawberry Cream E-juice Flavor benefits in the additions of both strawberry and cream.

Cucumber E-juice Flavor

There are numerous meal-inspired top e-liquid flavors out there. Cucumber E-juice Flavor from Flavorah is like a fresh and innovative flavor profile. it’s doesn’t have a light airy essence but it has a fresh and full functioning vegetal e-liquid. It can give a taste of cooling menthol or can easily blend with some fruits.

Cool Menthol E-juice Flavor

FLV Cool Menthol E-juice Flavor is ice cold and delightful. Vaping this flavor is like slipping down a glacier and stepping out in the ice with a strong breeze. It is the standard flavor for anyone thinking of making their e-liquid. This blends well with any fruit flavor for a fresh fruit flavor.

Bubble Gum E-juice Flavor

This E-liquid tastes like juicy bubble gum from the store. It tastes somehow like baseball dugouts and bubble tape, or Bazooka Bubble gum sticks.


Making the best e-liquid is the result of experimentation led by references and study, and staying safe is all about realizing the potential risk and using your common sense. You need to try different DIY e-liquid percentages and observe the result.

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