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5000mg Full Spectrum CO2 Formula 2501 Tincture by Herbal Fracture Review

Formula 2501 is a CBD tincture by Herbal Fracture. This product contains high-quality full-spectrum CBD extract. This product comes with a CBD concentration of 5000 mg. It is designed for sublingual use. You can also vape it. Formula 2501 gives you 8.3mg of CBD per drop. Formula 2501 comes in 10z bottles.

The market for CBD products is growing at a rapid pace. This cannabis extract has been made legal in all 50 states according to Federal Law. Studies into CBD shows that it can provide relief for several ailments. CBD can help with conditions such as inflammation, inflammation-related pain, neuroprotectant, Crohn’s remission, Shingles pain, headaches, sore muscles, seizures, anxiety, opioid dependency, mood stabilization, ADD, ADHD, Arthritis, and hangovers.

Formula 2501 is a full spectrum CBD product. It contains different ingredients such as coconut oil and medium-chain triglyceride. You can use this tincture as a sleep aid. This Herbal Fracture product contains trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3 percent of THC). It is best not use this product consistently if you are scheduled for regular tests or there is a chance that you will fail a drug test if you use this product.

You can buy a bottle of Formula 2501 directly from the Herbal Fracture online shop for $259.99. The product comes in a bottle with a black dropper cap. When you buy from this company, you do not have to worry about delays. Herbal Fracture provides quick shipping. You will enjoy free shipping if you spend $100 or more at this store.

You can also buy other products by Herbal Fracture via their online shop. This includes 1200mg Full Spectrum CO2 Tincture (Natural Flavor), Pet Tincture (Cod Liver Oil Flavor) Isolate, 1200mg Full Spectrum CO2 Tincture (Spearmint Flavor), 2400mg Miracle Salve Full Spectrum CO2, 2500mg Full Spectrum CO2 Formula 2501 Tincture, 1200mg Isolate Tincture (Spearmint Flavor), Pineapple Express Terpsolate Crumble and many others.

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