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Broke Dick

Broke Dick e-liquids come in an absolutely quality and choosy range of flavours. They flavours include fruit, dessert, candy and other flavors. The flavours we tried all had a really nice smooth taste to them. They tasted delicious and the flavourings were really good. The favourite of the all we got was patday, which was a really good flavour with a hint of an creamy taste to it. We tried all the flavours in 6mg of nicotine. Broke Dick give you the choice of 0mg,4mg and 6mg which is a really good selection of nicotine ranges which should suit every level of vaper.All the e-liquids come in very nice looking 120ml bottles, as can be seen in the pic above. The bottles have high quality child lock lids on them, which I think is an important feature. The bottles look really upmarket and classy and they feature an extra small nozzle which makes dispensing your e-liquid very easy.

Brokedick e liquid Water Cup (120ml) review

Although the mastermind behind Broke Dick -Richard Broke has been a large part of the vaping scene for quite some time, the juice company is a fairly new addition to the vaping community. Broke Dick has consistently demonstrated they have some of the finest skills in the business when it …

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